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3 Easy Steps to done

1. get your trial job done within 24 hours for free. And I will evaluate your images to find job complexity and will provide a quotation immediately.

2. If you satisfaction with my trial work and the price quotation Then Upload the images you wish to have edited.

3. We will start work. Once I have completed the task, I will upload it and notify you through email.

* Then I will wait for your feedback and if no corrections are needed, I will provide the invoice.
For regular clients I provide invoice on weekly or monthly basis as determined during negotiation. Pay using your chosen mode of payment. I offer various modes of payment like PayPal, Credit card and Bank transfer.

How are files delivered to us and returned to you?
You can choose your own method for sending your images to and receiving them from me. By default is Wetransfer. You can upload the images you wish to have edited and, send me the file link. It's that easy! or you can use your uploading method.

I operate solely over the internet.